Time to speak

Time to speak

There is a time when our opinions matter. That time is election day and, for many communities in our area, there is no more important election day than this Tuesday, when the municipal ballots are cast.

The Jewish Standard traditionally makes no endorsements. While we will not suggest for whom to vote, however, we feel no hesitancy in suggesting how one should vote.

Here is how: Vote with great care. The candidates who are running for office on May 8 will not help set national policy. They will not influence foreign policy in the slightest. They will, however, determine whether and when our garbage is picked up; how many police and fire personnel will be available to assist us and what kind of equipment they will have; how many hours each day and how many days each week the library will be open and who will staff it; who will be available to fill up the potholes in the street and whether they will have the materials and equipment they need.

This is not “that other election,” the less important one (the November poll being the “real” one). This is the election that counts the most because it is the one closest to home and has the greatest impact on our day-to-day lives.