The scoop on ‘Matzo Ball Snoop’

The scoop on ‘Matzo Ball Snoop’

We recently were delighted to learn that one of the television pleasures of our childhood sick days, “The Joker’s Wild,” was returning to television. Updated for a new century, the game show is hosted by the rapper known professionally as Snoop Dogg and features new categories of questions, such as “Name that Strain,” where contestants have to know names of marijuana strains, and “Canadian Bacon,” where the question is with which Canadian Seth Rogen would most like to smoke.

So we were very excited to discover that one of the promised categories was “Matzo Ball Snoop.”

According to, “The ‘Matzo Ball Snoop’ had contestants guessing what Jewish terms meant. It was a category of great struggle for host Dogg as well, who said no one in production prepped him beforehand on the correct pronunciation of the terms. Thus, it was a different kind of guessing game for him too.”

What fun!

So imagine our disappointment when we watched the first episode last week on TBS, and only one question was asked in the “Matzo Ball Snoop.” And for that question, the focus was on the soup, not the matzo.

In particular it was about chowder. Boston chowder.

Does it get treifer than that?

We’re hoping for a better Snoop time in a future episode, when, as revealed by a promotional video, a category will be “Gin and Jews.”

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