The race for Congress: Ninth District candidates on the issues

The race for Congress: Ninth District candidates on the issues

Blase Billack, Ph.D.: 'We need true leaders in the Congress'

Blase Billack, Ph.D.

1. Why vote for you?

I am a lifetime Republican. I never switched my party for political gain. I am also a Ph.D. scientist and breast cancer expert. I argue that there are sufficient numbers of businessmen and women and lawyers already in the U.S. House.

2. Iran

NATO, the E.U., and the U.S.A. should boycott purchasing oil from Iran until that country stops developing nuclear weapons.

3. Iran – red lines?

Honestly, our military has been engaged in two unnecessary wars for more than 10 years now. I am against stretching our men and women into another conflict now; at least until the effort in Afghanistan is ended and our troops can come home and rest.

4. Vouchers

I support Opportunity Scholarships. I am undecided about vouchers.

5. How would you balance
the concerns of your Jewish
and your Muslim constituents
when they conflict?

In the best way possible. I am a people-centered person. I will try to do what’s right for the people in conflict; whether they differ on religious grounds or other grounds.

6. Annexing the west bank

I do not know enough about this issue to provide a scholarly response. My gut tells me that a one-state solution is the only way to preserve the democracy of Israel. I am primarily focused on jobs and defeating Obamacare. As a reasonable person, I will listen to reasonable advice on this matter. The term, “limited voting rights” scares me. I am open to listening to your criticisms in this matter.

7. Supplemental Nutrition
Assistance Program

Those who abuse this program should be investigated and forced to pay back the money. We should help people who really need it. I would need to know the fiscal strengths and weaknesses of this program before I decide to cut it completely.

8. Jewish issues

In my campaigning, it appears that most Jewish Republicans have similar concerns to non-Jewish Republicans. There has been a lot of discussion about the economy and about the need for jobs. Some voters have expressed concern about foreign policy, but I must admit, foreign policy has not been a hot topic of discussion anywhere that I have gone. It seems that all voters in the 9th C.D. of New Jersey are looking for someone who is real and who can talk to them without hesitation.

9. Most important issues

Jobs and defeating Obamacare. We need jobs. We need real health care reform, not unconstitutional mandates.

10. Partisanship

Partisanship and leadership are not synonyms. We need true leaders in the Congress. I am not afraid to talk about the issues and to offer my ideas, but I also know how to work in a team to get the job done. We must preserve the United States. The job of all elected leaders should be focused on that goal!

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