The Norpac way

The Norpac way

Choose candidate, send check

Dr. Ben Chouake

So you have decided you want to jump into the primary season.

Dr. Ben Chouake wants you to stop before writing a check to a Republican presidential candidate.

Instead, write a check to Norpac, the leading pro-Israel political action committee – and write the candidate’s name on the memo line.

Norpac passes the money on to the candidate’s campaign.

The money, however, comes with an added pro-Israel message. “It’s a very effective way to let a candidate know that he is supported because of his good work on specific issues,” said Chouake.

The candidates receive a list of the donors. The donations count toward individual campaign funding limits – but they also count toward the total raised by the political action committee.

These “earmarked” donations constituted the bulk of the nearly $600,000 Norpac has raised so far for this election cycle as of the end of September. (Most of that money has gone to congressional campaigns, rather than presidential ones.)

In general, Norpac is bipartisan, with donations being rougly split between the two parties.

Because the Obama campaign is eschewing donations from political action committees, however, the president’s supporters will have to make their donations directly to his campaign.

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