The holiday designs nobody asked for

The holiday designs nobody asked for

We were always do-it-yourselfers when it came to holiday decorations. Paper chains for the sukkah’s ceiling. Paintings and posters on the sukkah’s walls.

But there is a market for prefab decorations for Jewish holidays. Somehow, though, it seems like not everyone hawking their Jewish holiday merchandise on Amazon necessarily understands it.

Take, for example, this holiday banner, wishing one and all “Happy Hashanah.”

Or that golden, glittery “Yom Kippur” banner, which, the marketing copy helpfully explains, “is especially designed for the most solemn day in Judaism, which accompanies you to reflect the past year and pray.” Though that doesn’t explain why the banner features a Chanukah menorah along with Jewish stars. Or why, in the helpful illustration showing the Yom Kippur banner in action, there is an unlit Chanukah menorah featuring eight nights worth of candles.

One piece of good news on the Amazon Jewish decoration front, however: No one is trying to market Yom Hashoah decorations.


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