The hands of Iran are choking Gaza

The hands of Iran are choking Gaza

Why are Israel and Hamas at war now? The Big Lipowsky wrote in an editorial last week that Iran is pulling the strings of Hamas and the Islamic Republic is the main actor to benefit from prolonged fighting between the two in order to deflect attention from its nuclear pursuits.

Well, validating my analysis, The Jerusalem Post reported today that Iran has threatened to cut all of its funding to Hamas if the terrorist organization accepts a ceasefire. Further proving that the Hamas leadership and Iran do not actually care about the Palestinian people themselves, but only about killing Israelis.

An Egyptian official told The Jerusalem Post:

“The Iranians threatened to stop weapons supplies and funding to the Palestinian factions if they agreed to a cease-fire with Israel. The Iranians want to fight Israel and the US indirectly. They are doing this through Hamas in Palestine and Hizbullah in Lebanon.”

Tonight there was a massive rally in support of Israel at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades. The Jewish Standard will have a full report on Friday but I will leave you with this little piece:
Every speaker – and the line up included Capt. Steve Babiak of the Bergen County Police, U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman, Rep. Scott Garret, and Israeli Consul General Assaf Shariv – spoke about how Hamas has brought nothing but suffering to the people of Gaza. Rather than use its funding for schools, food, and economic growth, it builds rockets. The Palestinian people are indeed suffering in Gaza and they are suffering because of Hamas.

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