‘The genuine anti-Semites’

‘The genuine anti-Semites’

My husband, Warren Boroson, a longtime journalist, is greatly troubled about the media’s coverage of Israel’s actions vis-à-vis Gaza. He wrote and sent me the e-mail below. Feel free to circulate it.

People who criticize Israel’s policies habitually claim that they are not anti-Semitic. They insist that a distinction be made between someone’s being anti-Israel and someone’s mindlessly hating Jews.
But anyone criticizing Israel for its recent attack on Gaza is pretty clearly a Jew-hater. Israel acted cautiously and responsibly, and the provocation – thousands of rockets hitting civilian areas – amply justified the response. Blaming Israel for responding the way it has is like blaming someone for trying to cure himself of a deadly disease – and defending the deadly disease. Now, at least, we know who the genuine anti-Semites are.