The Big Lipowsky’s final words on the election

The Big Lipowsky’s final words on the election

T-minus six hours until the polls open. The Big Lipowsky looked long and hard to find some election humor to get you through the day.

First up, from the yahoos who brought us “This land is my land” four years ago, it’s Time for Some Campaignin’.

Next, Vlad and Boris – two Russians who can see Alaska from their house – sing about their love for Sarah Palin.

And, so as not to be accused of being unbalanced (at least not politically), I dug around some Hollywood archives and found some early references to Barack Obama. Who can forget that heart-warming movie of persevering to achieve your dreams, “Barocky”?
And then there was that scene in “Back to the Future” when Marty McFly met the future Democratic nominee.

OK, so there aren’t a lot of good funny (and clean) Obama videos out there. There’s Obama Girl, who has made a slew of videos since her original (which Michelle Citrin parodied perfectly last year with Rosh HaShanah Girl), but that’s about it.

Anyway, in a few hours the polls will open. A few eateries such as Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks are giving away freebies to people who have voted. If there’s one thing The Big Lipowsky likes better than exercising his constitutional right to vote, it’s free ice cream.

And if the last two elections have taught us anything, every vote counts. Hopefully, this election will be settled Tuesday night/Wednesday morning without the same calls for recounts, lawsuits, and wondering who impregnated that chad. The Simpsons” already predicted voting problems.
If that does happen, there will be only one way to settle this: Dance-off.

Go vote.

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