Targeting Gaza: Who and why

Targeting Gaza: Who and why

Israel launched an airstrike in Gaza early today that killed a top commander of Hamas’ military wing who some called the successor to Ahmed Yassin.

Meanwhile, a Muslim Egyptian who now lives in America wrote in The Jerusalem Post that the current conflict can be blamed on the Arab street for not rising up against Hamas while it was firing rockets at Israel and driving out Fatah.

When you consider that the Israeli attack killed some 400 mostly Hamas militant in the first four days, the passive attitude of the Muslim world against the terrorists represents extreme hypocrisy. If it truly cared for Muslims’ lives, it should have demonstrated in the same numbers and with equal vehemence against the Islamists who murder hundreds of thousands of their fellow Muslims, not to mention the Hamas slaughter of rival Fatah members – women and children included.

This man gets it. I am very happy to see this opinion and only wish that it would appear in other mainstream media rather than just The Jerusalem Post where it would already be welcome. He breaks the conflict down to the simplest answer, which for some reasons eludes so many.

The Muslim world and the Europeans who support the demonstrations against Israel must stop the biased reaction that blindly and reflexively supports the Palestinians and villifies Israel. Those who demonstrate against the military campaign on Gaza must realize that if Hamas had stopped pounding Israel with its rockets, Israel would not have launched its attack.

If Hamas hadn’t been indiscriminately firing rockets at Israel, Israel wouldn’t have attacked. Such a simple concept yet overlooked by so many in the international community.

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