Supports hearings

Supports hearings

In his otherwise excellent March 11 editorial praising Pope Benedict, Larry Yudelson could not resist his incorrect political correctness. Without waiting for the results of the hearings, he stooped to criticize the congressional hearings investigating the radicalization of native-born Muslims. There is certainly adequate evidence to indicate the need for the investigation. I have heard no one favoring the hearings condemn all Muslim-Americans. Yet there have been enough terrorist acts (most have failed because of good police work and/or good luck) to warrant an investigation to protect our security.

Some people are angry at Rep. Peter King for sponsoring and holding the meetings. Their anger is misdirected. Their anger should be directed at the Muslim terrorists who are giving the Muslim community an undeserved bad reputation.

Yudelson uses tortured reasoning to condemn the hearings. Of course, not all Muslim-Americans are part of a “globe-spanning conspiracy.” But there clearly has been a radicalization of some native-born Muslims. This problem is not unique to our country. Hopefully, the hearings will determine the source(s) and prevent future terrorist acts. A thorough investigation can only enhance our (including Larry Yudelson and Muslim-Americans) safety and security.