Spring into a new sports season

Spring into a new sports season

With the arrival of spring, we are greeted with a new season of sports. For those who follow yeshiva high school sports, the spring brings a refreshing and relaxing athletic schedule. As opposed to the cramped indoors of hockey and basketball, sports such as baseball and softball are played in the open outdoors.

Soccer, likely the most competitive and intense yeshiva sport played during the spring, is still played indoors despite the warmer weather. However, even though soccer is one of the most prevalent yeshiva sports, it still does not compete with the popularity of basketball and hockey.

Being a member of the Frisch varsity softball team, I enjoy the relaxed and loose atmosphere presented by the tranquil sport of softball. True, we don’t usually get too many fans, but when we win, one of our players’ moms gives us cookies. I like to think of it as a satisfying trade-off.

Most of the spring sports either begin or intensify after Passover. I hope to be able to cover each one respectively. Stay tuned.