Shearit HaPlate welcomes leftover food

Shearit HaPlate welcomes leftover food

Because there aren’t planned smachot and few organizational events during the Sefirat ha-Omer, Shearit HaPlate finds itself with less donated catered food now than during the rest of the year. Nevertheless, it does its best to serve 60 recipient families every week.

The non-profit organization is dedicated to minimizing the waste of kosher food within the community by distributing that food to people in need, usually within 24 hours. SHPBC collects, repackages, and distributes surplus food to individuals and families within Teaneck and surrounding communities in a respectful way that helps to ensure the recipients’ privacy and self-esteem.

Consider donating kosher catered or takeout food from kiddushes, meetings, and home events; the quantity does not need to be large and food can be picked up, even for one family. Also note that despite a known hesitation to donate food from a shiva house, there is a psak that says it is permissible, and even should be encouraged when it prevents waste/bal tashkit. For information, call pickup coordinator Daniel Chazin at (201) 835-5338, email him at, or go to

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