Remembering Gilad

Remembering Gilad

As all eyes turn toward Washington today for the much built-up first meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, analysts, commentators, and pundits on both sides are taking stabs at what the pair will discuss in what is expected to be an uneasy meeting.

Reports are starting to trickle in on the meetings and, as expected, the pair focused on Iran and the Palestinians.

According to one analysis, Obama was expected to tell Bibi that Hamas is a political reality and must be taken into account. Well, that political reality continues to violate international standards regarding prisoners of war by not allowing any relief organizations to even verify that Gilad Shalit is still alive.

Reports on Shalit’s fate have been few and far between as of late. I do not recall hearing any movement on the issue of his release since before Passover. Will Bibi press Obama to try to influence a speedier deal for the soldier captured almost three years ago? Or will Shalit not even be mentioned?

We at The Jewish Standard continue to hope and pray for Gilad’s safe return and urge everybody to press your political representatives to make Gilad’s safe return a reality.

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