Remember "Gentleman’s Agreement"?

Remember "Gentleman’s Agreement"?

The film “Gentleman’s Agreement” (1947) tells of a journalist (Gregory Peck) investigating anti-Semitism in the United States. To do more research, he pretends to be Jewish ““ even though he’s not. (Elia Kazan directed the movie, Laura Z. Hobson wrote the novel.)

Peck begins by visiting a stronghold of white Protestant privilege: a town in Connecticut. There he’s refused admittance to a hotel ““ which, the manager tells him, is “restricted.”

Earlier, you saw Peck emerge from a train ““ and you saw the name of the place:


Gregory Peck then moves farther into frame. And now you see


(This was pointed out by Marc Lapadulla of Yale in a talk on “The Jewish Experience in American Cinema” he gave during One Day University’s program on “A Day of Jewish History” on Feb. 27 in New York City.)

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