Rainbow over Gaza

Rainbow over Gaza

Israel unilaterally declared a ceasefire in Gaza last night and 12 hours later Hamas called its own ceasefire. The order came from Khaled Mashall, Hamas’ leader in exile who has made tough statements lately about how Hamas will not stop until the blockade is lifted. Meanwhile, the leadership in Gaza has expressed more willingness for a ceasefire since they are the ones actually being hunted down.

I, and likely others, had hoped this conflict would create more of a split between the Gaza-based Hamas leadership and its bosses hiding in Syria. It looks like for now the two sides have reached an agreement — for a week, anyway.

The Associated Press captured this picture of a rainbow over Gaza. Now, those familiar with Parsha Noah will recall that a rainbow is just a pretty thing in the sky. It’s a reminder of HaShem’s promise never to destroy the world again. When a rainbow is spotted, that means HaShem was thinking about it but remembered His pledge to Noah.

So, does this mean that G-d wanted to destroy the world because of Gaza? The rainbow appeared in Gaza after the ceasefire, so maybe it’s a sign that the IDF should not have stopped until Hamas was completely destroyed. We don’t and cannot know for certain, but it is very interesting to come up with theories.

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