Rabbi Sacks Legacy offers Pesach interactive activity

Rabbi Sacks Legacy offers Pesach interactive activity

In time for Passover, the Rabbi Sacks Legacy launched a new interactive activity for adults and teens. It’s a scavenger hunt — a creative way for families to celebrate the holiday while exploring its deeper meanings and significance. Featuring 10 thought-provoking challenges and questions and an answer card, the game can be downloaded at www.rabbisacks.org/seder.

The inspiration came from Rabbi Sacks’ essay “The Missing Fifth,” where he wrote: “Just as an x-ray can reveal an earlier painting beneath the surface of a later one, so beneath the surface of the Haggadah there is another pattern to be discerned.” The essay can be downloaded at the same page, www.rabbisacks.org/seder.

“The seder is a time for people to join together and share insights about Passover,” Joanna Benarroch, the Rabbi Sacks Legacy’s chief executive, said. “We are proud to offer this new activity, based on the teachings of Rabbi Sacks, to engage, challenge and inspire.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former chief rabbi of Great Britain, died on November 7, 2020. At that time his professional initiative, the Office of Rabbi Sacks, transitioned to become the Rabbi Sacks Legacy to perpetuate the timeless and universal wisdom of Rabbi Sacks as a teacher of Torah, a moral voice, and a leader of leaders. Through innovative programs and an active digital and social media presence, the legacy continues to bring the vision and philosophy of the world-renowned leader directly to generations to come. For more information, go to www.rabbisacks.org.

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