Project Ezrah’s Shavuot Learn-A-Thon

Project Ezrah’s Shavuot Learn-A-Thon

There’s a need for better access to mental health care locally and nationally. There are many reasons why our community is finding it difficult to access care including the cost and the availability of practitioners. Mental health care often is left to the patient to fund; because of increased need, the pool of practitioners has become smaller.

To address these challenges, Project Ezrah is launching Ezrah L’Nefesh, Helping Minds. The goal is to help families gain access to practitioners, and to financial assistance when needed.

Ezrah L’Nefesh is kicking off this initiative with its Shavuot Learn-A-Thon, on erev Shavuot, Thursday, May 25, where students can have donors sponsor them in a night of learning. The program supports people with unmet mental health needs. Students of all ages are welcome to participate; there’s also a raffle where a participant can win one of three $50 Amazon gift cards.

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