Project Ezrah offers Passover assistance to people in need

Project Ezrah offers Passover assistance to people in need

The transition from Purim’s revelry and Pesach’s planning seems to come upon everyone more quickly with each passing year. This year, more of our neighbors are feeling the long-term effects of inflation and are finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat financially. This, coupled with the additional stress that comes along with Pesach planning, can escalate conventional challenges into enduring financial problems.

Every year Project Ezrah helps members of the community with their Pesach expenses. This year, the need is more widespread than it has been. In order to reach more people who need support, Project Ezrah has a grant application for anyone in need of financial assistance for the holiday. Applications are on the organization’s website,

Project Ezrah’s grants are intended to help relieve a bit of the stress of the holiday and help families get what they need. Grants will be disbursed on a rolling basis. All applications must be submitted by March 27.

If you are interested in donating to this initiative, go to and click on the Maot Chittim Banner.

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