For several years Englewood resident and classical pianist Carolyn Enger studied Hebrew with Israeli Jonathan Sternberg, who spent three years teaching in New York and New Jersey. (He’s back in Tel Aviv.) Now Enger is editing the English text on Sternberg’s new Website, which draws upon his experience to teach Hebrew through the use of podcasts and PDF transcripts.

“It’s easy to use,” said Enger. “I download a lesson and take it into the car.”

According to Enger, when Sternberg returned to Israel, he realized he could draw upon his teaching experience here to create a program tailored to the needs of American Jews.

“Most language programs teach by rote and repetition,” she said. “This one uses upbeat, fun dialogue – not run-of-the-mill interchanges,” she said, noting that you come to care about the characters in the vignettes, whether they’re at the beach, a beauty parlor, or a soccer game. The site, www.learnHebrewpod.com, self-described as an online multimedia learning center, also offers games and quizzes, she said.

“I attend an ulpan at the JCC,” said Enger, “but my fluency is coming from the site. It’s a wonderful combination. Once a week [lessons] is not enough.”