PJ Library’s Kid-Friendly Haggadah and More

PJ Library’s Kid-Friendly Haggadah and More

There is still time to take advantage of this opportunity.

PJ Library has updated its Passover hub, invaluable again this year as families remain at home during the pandemic. It has music, stories, crafts, and recipes. It has games, history, and printables, plus a step-by-step video playlist where kids can learn (or refresh) some serious seder skills.

With Passover beginning the evening of Saturday, March 27, the extra-large Passover Hub is sure to come in extra-handy this year. You can find the Hub at pjlibrary.org

Hub highlights include:

• 15 Minute Seder — Are you hosting your first seder? Are there some very young guests at your table? Follow along with this special 15-minute seder playlist.

• The Passover Story for Kids — For centuries, families have used the Haggadah to tell the story of Passover and pass down the traditions and lessons of the story to their children, relatives, and friends. Because there is explicit suffering in the Passover narrative, it is not always an easy story to tell. In this mini-episode special, PJ Library shares a simple, sweet, child-friendly version of the story of Passover, adapted from Exodus.

• The Passover Story Printable — The story in full color with beautiful illustrations

• A Passover FAQ for Kids — Passover encourages families, especially kids, to ask questions around the seder table. But along with the weightier questions your children may have about the story of Passover, the themes of freedom, and what happens at a seder, they’re also likely to have some more everyday inquiries too, like “Why can’t I have a peanut butter and jelly bagel for lunch?” The FAQ has 10 common questions kids ask around Passover, with easy answers for grown-ups to refer to on the spot.

• Passover-Themed Mad Libs — Fun for the whole family.

• Passover Card Game — This card game for the whole family at the Passover Seder can be played in stages, so you can stop and start and enjoy a round at any point during the Seder.

In addition, PJ Library — one of the leading sources for family-friendly Haggadahs across the United States and beyond — has translated their beautifully-illustrated “In Every Generation: A PJ Library Family Haggadah” into four new languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and French. Along with English, the 2021 PJ Library Family Haggadah is available in five languages. To find out more, visit pjlibrary.org.

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