Paddington celebrates Pesach

Paddington celebrates Pesach

He hails from the darkest Peru. He lives in England. He got his name from London’s Paddington Station. With his old hat and battered suitcase, he resembles a Jewish refugee. He loves marmalade.

And now, he’s spreading that marmalade on matzah.

He’s Paddington Bear, featured in beloved children’s books and films since 1958.

A film about the bear, Paddington 2, came out in the United States last November, in time for the Christmas holidays. In Israel, however, his visit to theaters was postponed for the Passover vacation season.

And on promotional posters and newspaper advertisements, at least, his menu was adjusted to fit the holiday.

For Israeli movie theaters hoping that Paddington 2 packs them in during Pesach, replacing the bread in the advertising — though not the film itself — was only the bear minimum.

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