OU Women’s Initiative starts parsha program

OU Women’s Initiative starts parsha program

Building on the success of the Nach Yomi “Torat Imecha” series, the OU Women’s Initiative, a division of the Orthodox Union, has launched a podcast exploring ideas in the weekly parsha. The series will feature five female scholars — Michal Horowitz, Ora Lee Kanner, Rachel Besser, Shira Schiowitz, and Elisheva Kaminetsky. Each woman will cover one book of the Torah.

The program started with Parshat Bereishit on October 14, and will go through all of Torah readings through end of the cycle. The 10- to 15- minute audio shiurim will be geared toward learners of all levels.

“The Women’s Torat Imecha program has been very successful in engaging women from all backgrounds and geographies in regular learning. It is a wonderful program we are thrilled is expanding,” the Orthodox Union’s president, Moishe Bane, said.

“The podcast brings together world-renowned female scholars who share insights into the weekly parsha in a thematic way, tapping into deeper messages, unfolding narratives so that we can hear the messages of the weekly parsha in a more profound way,” Rebbetzin Dr. Adina Shmidman, the OU Women’s Initiative founding director, said.

To subscribe to the weekly Torat Imecha parsha shiur, or to listen to archived podcasts, go to ou.org/women/parsha.

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