Ooops. Israeli Britney fans did it again.

Ooops. Israeli Britney fans did it again.

These are not the headlines Israel lovers like to see when a pop star comes to town. “Britney Spears Took a Trip to Israel and It Was a Total Disaster” is how, with only a small amount of exaggeration, summarized the pop idol’s visit to Israel earlier this week.

Britney was in town to end her month-long Asia tour. She was promoting her new album, “Glory.” Her concert in Tel Aviv drew 55,000 fans Monday night. Members of Israel’s Labor Party did not have to miss it — the party had postponed its election until Tuesday when the concert was announced, fearing its members would choose Britney’s party instead.

But the pop singer’s visit to the Kotel proved contentious — is that a theme these days?

There weren’t any mechitza malfunctions, thank God. She was, however, mobbed by fans, some of whom jumped on her.

Ooops. Israelis did it again.

“It was a huge mess, with hundreds of fans and photographers gathered around her,” a source told Ynet. “It was a real ‘Israeli celebration’; she didn’t stop an excursion during any other part of her latest tour. This could only happen here.”

This led her to cancel a mooted — but not confirmed, her management insisted — meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whose office proceeded to release a press release complaining about being stood up.

Which is of course a real Israeli celebration of another kind.


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