On the same-sex announcement controversy

On the same-sex announcement controversy

It is very disappointing that The Jewish Standard does not have the journalistic courage to stand up to the complaints received about the Sept. 24 Smolen/Rosen wedding announcement.

By kowtowing to “the deep sensitivities within the traditional/Orthodox community,” you are empowering this minority to do what the ultra-Orthodox community is doing in Israel when women pray at the Western Wall or when anyone has the audacity to drive through their neighborhood on Shabbos. What will The Jewish Standard do when the “traditional/Orthodox community” decides that a photograph of a woman in a sleeveless shirt or of a man and woman dancing together offends their “deep sensitivities”?

I daresay that The Jewish Standard has received some complaints from the traditional/Orthodox community about the advertisements you run from non-kosher restaurants and non-shomer Shabbos businesses, but here, where advertising revenue is at stake, you have fortitude.

Why not show some of it on this issue?