On the road to Kosherfest 2008

On the road to Kosherfest 2008

The Big Lipowsky reported this week on the kosher meat shortage resulting from the financial troubles at Agriprocessors, the country’s largest kosher meat producer. I’ll be following the fallout as it progresses over the coming weeks, months, etc. etc. And I’m starting next week with Kosherfest 2008.

Kosherfest is the largest kosher foods showcase/trade show in the world and it’s happening Nov. 11-12 at The Meadowlands in Secaucus. The Big Lipowsky will be down on the floor talking with industry insiders about new trends in kosher food, the latest news and rumors (for example, the poorly kept secret that Half Moon K certification is merging into the Orthodox Union, and Empire Poultry’s designs on the beef market) and, yes, the repercussions of the Agri scandals.

Making Kosherfest even more significant, the trade show is run by Lubicom, which had handled Agri’s PR until this summer. Lubicom president Menachem Lubinsky is scheduled to give a keynote presentation called “State of the Kosher Industry: The Marketing of Kosher Foods.” Mitch Fox, owner of Blue Ribbon in Fort Lee, told The Big Lipowsky earlier this week that Agri has put “a blackeye” on the kosher industry. We’ll see how some of the industry’s top people feel about what’s going on and what the future may hold.

And if I have to walk away with a few tasty product samples, so be it. That’s the sacrifice I’m willing to make to bring you up-to-date news.

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