On the Gaza march

On the Gaza march

Thank you for the Jan. 1 editorial “Ill-conceived ‘crusade.'” I, too, wondered where the adult children of this duped senile Holocaust survivor were and why they would allow her to be used by the group’s organizers and the mainstream press. Perhaps she was told she would be getting a free trip to Israel, after a short stop-over in Egypt?

I would like to know who sponsored and who paid for this gathering of naïve idealists who have lost their sense of values and principles under the weight of years of Arab petro-dollar-funded propaganda throughout the Middle East, Europe, and our own country as well. The mainstream media seem to have forgotten a basic rule of investigative and objective reporting by leaving out critical facts. Can you fill in this omission?

The editor responds: A women’s anti-war organization called Codepink sponsored the march. The marchers apparently paid their own way, with help from donations.