Obama at the U.N.

Obama at the U.N.

President Obama could not wait for Yom Kippur. He went to the United Nations, confessed America’s sins, and told the U.N. how he made America sin-free. Not content with confessing America’s sins, President Obama also confessed Israel’s sins of settlements and occupation. If all the members of the U.N. stood up and confessed their countries’ sins, President Obama would find that America and Israel stand heads and shoulders above the other nations.

The next day, Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel spoke. He condemned the real villains, the U.N., and its Human Rights Council. Netanyahu offered a practical and real plan for peace and not a naïve “can’t we all get along” plan for peace.

And now, President Obama is going to negotiate with Iran to convince Iran to remain nuclear-free. I hope that he has his own set of real carrots and real sticks at the negotiations. The world depends on him, on America, the leader of the free world, to prevent a rogue nation from acquiring nuclear weapons.

I do not understand the foreign policy procedures of the Obama administration.