No to intermarried rabbis!

No to intermarried rabbis!

This is so wrong on all counts!!!! This undermines all the principles of Judaism as it applies to Jewish families, which for many, is a core principle of our Jewish way of life. And no, I am not in favor of intermarriage. A couple faces so many issues as it is when they marry – adding difference in religion just compounds it. And what about the children?

How can a rabbi who is married to a non-Jew counsel a couple on the virtues of a Jewish family with Jewish values when they are literally spitting in the faces of all those who have gone before them – and died for their beliefs – by their own actions? A rabbi is supposed to set a good example. What are they thinking? Maybe they should become Unitarian ministers instead of rabbis.

As my Bubby used to say, “Feh! A shanda!”