Nigerians invading JDate?

Nigerians invading JDate?

The Big Lipowsky just received a very strange e-card on JDate.

The text read:

“Hello! I wish to communicate with you! I have looked at your profile, and you have appeared to me the interesting, Intellectual person. My photo is not approved yet but if you write me that I I will give you the photo in the answer. If I have interested you, I will rejoice to your letter, on my e-mail: zuzamba (at) yahoo (dot) com or send me the you e-mail I already wait!!!”

I checked the profile (supposedly based in New Jersey) and answers to three of the essays read: “I would like to give you this information if you should ask during our dialogue.”

And oh yes, this person did not show up in the “Who’s viewed my profile” category, which means….

The Nigerian e-mail scammers have invaded Jdate! You know the ones. “Dear sir, I am XYZ, widow/lawyer/child of ABC who recently passed away and I need your help moving his billions out of the country. Just send your checking account information.”

This e-mail fits the mold perfectly.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve gotten spam like this on JDate, and I doubt it will be the last. About half a dozen “women” have sent flirts in the last year. All, surprisingly, from California and none who actually looked at my profile. This is key to figuring out if your new e-mail on JDate or any dating site might be a fraud. If the sender has not looked at your profile, chances are it’s a spambot.

My favorite incident was about two years ago. An Israeli woman (at least that was the cover) wrote to The Big Lipowsky in very broken English and offered money to marry her so she could get a green card. As I recall, it sounded legit (as in, she was a real person and not a spambot).

About three years ago, The Big Lipowsky replied to one of the Nigerian e-mails. This one claimed to be an Egyptian so I wrote back to him that I would be happy to help but I am in the process of making aliyah to Israel and all transactions would have to be handled by Bank Leumi. He wrote back asking when we could get started. I was hoping to have a little more fun with him but ended it there.

Another colleague exchanged about a dozen e-mails with a scammer, telling the scammer that he wanted to use the money to set up a new devil-worshipping church. I wish I still had the record of that one.

Anyway, The Big Lipowsky is offering a high-five to anybody who e-mails this JDate spammer and has the most outrageous e-mail chain.

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