New City shul releases CD

New City shul releases CD

Temple Beth Sholom of New City has released a new CD, “Ruach of Temple Beth Sholom,” in time for Passover. It can be downloaded; to find it, google “Ruach of Temple Beth Sholom.”

Using the latest in digital technology, including multitrack recording, Temple Beth Sholom produced the entire CD in house. TBS members, a mix of amateur and professional musicians and singers, recorded the CD under the direction of Cantor Anna Zhar. They spent months recording many traditional and modern religious musical tracks. “The entire recording was digital from beginning to CD,” Tim Wood, a synagogue member who is also a sound engineer, said. “Rather than recording in the traditional analog and converting to digital, we were able to stay within the digital domain from start to finish. In addition, we took advantage of not only real, but a few virtual instruments as well.”

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