Moriah math whiz a double winner

Moriah math whiz a double winner

Brandon Cohen displays his math awards. Courtesy the Moriah School

Seventh-grader Brandon Cohen is the proud holder of two trophies and two certificates of achievement: one set for achieving the highest score in the divisional Educontest (MathFax) national math competition in pre-algebra and the other for placing first in the country in the competition among pupils in hundreds of participating schools.

The Moriah School of Englewood has been given a plaque to celebrate its student’s notable achievement.

“Brandon is a student who is constantly thinking about numbers,” said his math teacher, Shanna Koslowe. “His mind is always going.”

The MathFax competition is an optional extracurricular activity that has been available to Moriah middle-school students for several years. Educontest provides four tests, each 30 minutes long, for grades three and up in different areas of mathematics.

“The tests are geared to students who think on a higher level,” said Koslowe, who oversees the testing along with teacher Nancy Levy. “The topics are presented in a different way than they are in the classroom.”

Brandon said he felt confident on two of the four tests of 25 questions each, so the first-place finish came as a pleasant surprise. “My grandma told all her friends about it,” he said. His maternal grandparents, Fred and Gert Arkus, and his immediate family – parents Daniel and Jane Cohen and younger sister Julia – all live in Englewood.

Brandon still isn’t sure where he will go to high school. But he does know that numbers will figure in his career plans. “I hope to do something that involves math,” he said.

“Brandon is brilliant in math,” said Rabbi Noam Weinberg, associate principal. “We’re constantly looking for new enrichment opportunities and ways to challenge our students to nurture their individual talents and capabilities.”

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