Modernist Bread and the Jews, continued

Modernist Bread and the Jews, continued

Last week we wrote about Nathan Myhrvold’s recipe for everything bagels.

Two updates:

First, we got a look at the cover to his new “Modernist Bread.” As you can see, he has interesting twists on the traditional challah loaves. We’re reaching out to some of our topologically inclined kabbalist friends to find out whether there is mystical symbolism to these new shapes.

Second, we got an email from a reader offering a low-tech solution to the everything bagel problem. Adam Lowensteiner sprinkles Dispense Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning onto a thick bed of cream cheese slathered atop a plain bagel.

“I think this solves all the issues the high-tech guys were looking for: no mess when you cut or handle the bagel,” Mr. Lowensteiner wrote. “One more advantage: the roughness that the seeds may cause on your palate isn’t there as it is blended in with the smooth cream cheese and middle, soft/doughy part of the bagel.

“And yes, it’s delicious.”


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