Maskmaker jumps the shtark

Maskmaker jumps the shtark

l Yet another good idea has been foiled by Yiddish’s (and Hebrew’s) insistence on being read from right to left.

A woman in Wyoming who was selling face masks featuring the American flag and slogans like “Chicago Strong” designed one that would say “NYC Strong” — but with the word “strong” in Yiddish.

“I knew that there is a huge Jewish community in New York and I wanted to offer something for them,” the proprietor of Tees Go Bling, who goes by the name Sue, told the Forward.

So she typed the word “strong” into Google translate and got back the Yiddish word shtark.

So far, so shtark.

Then she copied the phrase into the mask design software, which promptly ignored that the word was supposed to read from right to left. Instead, she advertised facemasks that read “NYC crotch.”


Alerted to the error, she withdrew the design and published a corrected version.

And then, after fielding requests from people who liked the original better, she reissued that one too — proving that Jewish New Yorkers either have a good sense of humor, or are proudly crotchety.

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