Life is a Gift

Life is a Gift

What has happened to civility and politeness?

Now that the midterm elections are over, perhaps all the hate, ill will and untruths can stop and civility, politeness, and refinement can be restored.

Veterans Day and Thanksgiving will be celebrated this month. Let’s remember our servicemen and give thanks for their service and their sacrifice and give thanks for the wonderful country we live in. Let us ponder for a short while and give thought to our gift of life. For every time, we hurt, ridicule or speak ill of another, stop and think how we would feel if that same person did the same to us or if they were no longer here. Let us become more understanding to the sensitivities of people and to the tolerance and consideration of others. Ones’ life is much fuller when kindness is shown to another and it takes such little effort.

We should appreciate our lives and be thankful for our dear friends and near relatives. When we stop to think of the horrible diseases and suffering of people, we should pause and meditate and be grateful for good health, for our warm clothing and our shining homes. Forget the selfishness and pettiness and focus on the meaning of life and treasure the joyous memories and good beliefs. There is much goodness in life.

Life is infinitisimal. We are here a short time. For every time you think maliciously of another or poke fun at another, or criticize another, stop and think. Then ask yourself, what good or what purpose does it serve. Your answer will always be in the negative. He who does good, cares and loves his fellowman has a beautiful existence and an inner quality of peace and joy. Ask yourself who is worthy of honor. The answer can only be, he who respects his fellowman.