Stop shooting bears

I am firmly in agreement with Angi Metler, the director of B.E.A.R., who advocates non-lethal means of bruin and other animal control.

I applaud Phil Murphy, the Democratic candidate for governor, for his intention to impose a moratorium on future bear hunts.

All hunting is cruel!

This is especially true of bow hunting. Cruelty is defined as frivolous imposition of suffering on sentient animals.

Torah-true Judaism forbids hunting for sport. Hunting is permitted only in cases where the survival of the hunter and his community is in question. This certainly is not the case for the vast majority of hunters in our society.

In my opinion, lethal hunting for recreation panders and caters to the most primitive human instincts. Many psychologists affirm that it ultimately leads toward cruelty to people by desensitizing a person’s perception of violence.

Non lethal methods of control are best. They are moral, humane, and effective when human discipline is in play.

Jerrold Terdiman MD
Woodcliff Lake

We deserve better

President Trump is an embarrassment to the world. When he addresses the United Nations General Assembly and calls the North Korean leader by a nickname, “Rocket Man,” when he insults the mayor of Puerto Rico following her public declaration for immediate help, when he tosses rolled paper towels into the crowd at a relief center in Puerto Rico, when he tells Puerto Rico, “you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack, but that’s fine” and compares their death total to Katrina, when he compares the Afghan war to the remodeling at the “21 Club” in New York.

I find such behavior appalling. How I wish we had a president who has humility, empathy, and curiosity, and could stop tweeting. There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t say or do something stupid.

He has no communication skills, no sense of history or of the Constitution of the United States.

What a sad commentary. This country deserve better.

Grace Jacobs
Cliffside Park

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