Kosher and halal differ profoundly

While recognizing that the opinion pages are merely individuals’ views, I am compelled to point out a serious error in a statement presented as fact by the well-meaning Rabbi Dr. Chernick (“Kosher/halal,” September 15).

When comparing the kosher and halal methods of ritual slaughtering, he states that Muslim “form of ritual slaughter for meat is exactly like shechitah…” As an authorized shochet who has observed both methods of ritual slaughter numerous times, I can definitively state that they are not at all “exactly like,” other than both employ knives against the necks of the animals. The technical rules that shechitah demands (e.g., regarding the slaughterer’s religious observance, training, and skills, the knife blade’s sharpness and smoothness, the checking of the incision’s outcome and the health of the animal, etc.) in each and every case goes far beyond anything that the halal practices even remotely require.

No one who has studied shechitah would ever suggest that the two methods are the same.

Len Fuld

Kneeling is not disrespect 

Banji Ganchrow misses the point! (“To love or accept,” September 29.)

Colin Kaepernick didn’t disrespect anyone. He was saying that the USA doesn’t stand up for what those people fought for!

What our country purports to believe in is “liberty and justice for all.” How many innocent black people have been murdered for nothing? A child going out for a treat, another playing with a toy gun — something that shouldn’t happen! And so many other innocent others. And the law enforcement people who commit these crimes get away with it time after time.

She should count herself lucky that unlike African American mothers, she doesn’t have to worry that her kids could be murdered by cop. A heroic football team owner should give Colin a job.

Like Banji, I don’t like or watch football but I believe that there must be Jewish team owners. So I hope that one of them would be the one to employ Colin, thereby standing up for what Hillel said Judaism stands for: “If I am not for others…”

Ilana Kantey
Fort Lee

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