Denouncing anti-Semitism

The recent increase in anti-Semitism is abhorrent.

With waves of threats aimed at Jewish community centers and the desecration of synagogues and cemeteries across our nation, and growing threats around the world, meaningful action is overdue. This past week, I proudly joined with colleagues in sending a bipartisan letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urging him to fill the special envoy for anti-Semitism position at the State Department. Additionally, in recent weeks, my office in Washington, D.C., welcomed leaders from the American Jewish Congress, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and the Zionist Organization of America, and my senior staff and I were able to speak extensively with them on formulating policies for fighting anti-Semitism and on other subjects.

It is incumbent on all aspects of our government to consistently denounce religious intolerance. The appointment of the special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism would demonstrate the commitment of the United States to the well-being of Jewish communities around the world.

I look forward to continue working with Secretary Pompeo and my congressional colleagues to make this appointment a swift and effective reality.

Bill Pascrell, Jr.
Member of Congress, 9th DistrictPaterson/Washington

Federation’s group insurance plan should be open to all
Jewish organization employees

Regarding “On the federation’s plan” (May 26), I think that the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey’s Group Health Association Plan is a beneficial plan to employees in Jewish day schools and should be an option to employers who are part of other Jewish organizations as well.

Nowadays, many health insurances are extremely expensive, and the prices for insurance are only increasing. With this new plan, people who are unable to afford health insurance are receiving the top care that they deserve. People who work for Jewish organizations are all contributors to creating a thriving Jewish community, so they should be given the option to receive health care benefits as well. All contributors to a successful Jewish community are essential and should be treated the same as employers at Jewish day schools.

Ariella Cohen

More on the situation in Gaza

Bravo to Rabbi Robert L. Wolkoff (“Sorry, but I’m not sorry,” May 25) and Joshua Borenstein (“Some journalists are misleading readers and contributing to the loss of Palestinian life,” May 25) for finally stating the real facts about the situation on Israel’s border.

They did however leave out information about the Arabs flying a kite with a Nazi swastika on it. Practically no news media covered this info. By the way, most of these “kites” have explosives attached to them, which are meant to and did indeed strike orchards inside Israel, causing thousands of dollars in fire damage. If only the Arabs used their terror-filled inventiveness for positive means, like properly teaching their children, instead of using them as human shields.

Roberta H. Simon

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