Learning about greater MetroWest history

Learning about greater MetroWest history

Little is known about the short-lived Morris Sussex Jewish News, but there are some copies preserved in the archives of the Jewish Historical Society of New Jersey. The Society’s executive director, Linda Forgosh, is holding a copy of the newspaper with the headline “We Are One — Morris/Sussex and Metropolitan to Merge” dated June 1983. That was the year Essex County’s federation and the Morris and Sussex federation merged to form what is now Greater MetroWest. The donor of the newspapers was the late Dan Drench, who was affectionately known as Mr. Morris County. Mr. Drench’s counterpart, Mr. Sussex County, was Sanford Hollander. The JHS is in the process digitizing the copies is has, and archiving them with the Jewish News (1947-2016) and Central Federation’s Jewish Horizon” (1982-1997).

Everyone is welcome to search the society’s website jhs-nj.org for information about family, personal, synagogue, or Jewish institutions as featured in any of those papers. For more information, email Ms. Forgosh at lforgosh@jfedgmw.org.

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