Kosher Clash

Kosher Clash

Some RCBC rabbis circulated this e-mail among their congregants last month

Dear Friends:

Please note the following, which is of interest to our community.

Several months ago, a restaurant opened on Cedar Lane called Ima’s. The RCBC granted hashgacha that was soon thereafter revoked after a number of substantive violations of our agreement. The restaurant then sought and received a number of other rabbinical supervisions, all of which were short-lived.

Over our objections, Ima’s has recently retained the services of OK Labs as its Kashrut supervisor. While the OK standards are generally reliable, we regret to say that in this particular instance, its hashgacha does not meet the parameters of the RCBC nor the standards to which our community has become accustomed. We have urged the OK to re-consider, and they have refused for reasons best known to them.

As you know, the RCBC, unlike many other kashrut organizations, is non-profit. We have in the past cooperated fully and even partnered with other hashgacha agencies which have operated in our locale. Our sole motivation has always been to ensure the quality of the kashrut in our community. Therefore, we respectfully urge everyone to respect the RCBC standard that has been the mainstay of Kashrus in Bergen County for decades. Ima’s Restaurant, despite the OK hashgacha, does not meet that standard.

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