JFCS to bring job opportunities to people with developmental disabilities

JFCS to bring job opportunities to people with developmental disabilities

Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Northern NJ (JFCS) is proud to announce the adoption of a new program, RAISE-Recognizing Abilities and Inclusion of Special Employees.

JFCS will offer paid work opportunities (two three-hour jobs per week), social skills training (once per week), and guidance in transition to full employment to adults with developmental disabilities. Beginning in January 2024, JFCS will engage in its pilot program in the northern New Jersey community.

Each RAISE participant will be a JFCS employee for six to nine months and will work at two different job sites each week alongside a job coach, who will ensure a successful work experience for each participant.

This program will operate under JFCS’s Re-Launch Career Services, which has helped hundreds of jobseekers to compete in the market and secure new positions. Recognizing that typical career services cannot always accommodate every jobseeker, JFCS is eager to employ RAISE employees and set them up for success.

RAISE in Orlando, Fla., under the auspices of Shalom Orlando/Jewish Federation, has worked with 100-plus RAISE employees in the 10 years since it began. As JFCS works to strengthen the community every day, RAISE will further help uphold their goal of “Empowering People and Transforming Lives.”

For more information on this program, contact SandraL@jfcsnnl.org or 201-837-9090, ext. 225.

JFCS of Northern NJ is a mental health and social services agency that serves Bergen, Passaic, and Hudson counties. They are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of everyone in the community who needs help. No matter your situation, JFCS is there for you.

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