Jews’ power

Jews’ power

“What’s all this fuss about Soviet juice?” Emily Litella, the character Gilda Radner played on Saturday Night Live in the Brezhnev era, once asked.

We were reminded of this by a recent Facebook post by Liya Hoshi, which went viral last week.

She wrote:

“Was totally confused for a second when I looked over at my travel charger and thought: ‘Did I really buy a charger from a company called +JEWS! And didn’t notice?’; ‘Is that some sort of horrible pun on “juice”?’… Oh… Wait… I get it. It’s upside down and the company’s name is ‘iSmart.’ “

She concluded self-deprecatingly: “I NOT smart…”

We disagree. We often see Hebrew that we know isn’t there on upside-down English. But maybe this double meaning is real. One commenter on, where this upside-down logo surfaced a year ago, argued: “I have a feeling this was not an accident.”

Either way, we agree with another commenter there, who looked at the positive side: “well, it’s better than -Jews.”

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