Jewish Opera Singers

Jewish Opera Singers

The trouble with newspapers is that they are full of news. Older stuff – no matter how informative, how entertaining – tends to be ignored.

Worthwhile old anecdotes, old stories, old witticisms, old history.

Hence, this blog. Which, naturally, will focus on Jews and Judaism.

Good stuff that didn’t somehow make it into this most excellent newspaper.

Two rules:

1. An emphasis on the upbeat.

2. Nothing decidedly off-color.

Contributions are welcome! Credit will be given! Send them to

Some Famous Jewish Opera Singers

John (a)Braham

Natalie Dessay

Albert de Costa

Marta Eggerth

Maria Galvany

Alma Gluck

Amy Goldstein

Igor Gorin

Reynaldo Hahn

Melitta Heim

Maria Ivogun

Fritzi Jokl

Alexander Kipnis

Jan Kiepura

Selma Kurz

Evelyn Lear

Emanuel List

George London

Robert Merrill

Berta Morena

Jan Peerce

Roberta Peters

Rosa Raisa

Judith Raskin

Mark Reizen

Maurice Renaud

Regina Resnick

Lotte Schoene

Neil Shicoff

Josef Schmidt

Friedrich Schorr

Beverly Sills

Jennie Tourel

Richard Tauber

Richard Tucker

Leonard Warren

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