It’s a chuppah thing

It’s a chuppah thing

Ben Grimm is getting married.

Mr. Grimm, a former test pilot, rocketed to fame in 1961 when he piloted a spaceship through the Van Allen Belt. As reported by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, the radiation gave him and the rest of the crew strange powers, leading them to become the Fantastic Four. Mr. Grimm was the one whose life was most profoundly changed by the accident; he became a powerful but misshapen rock-like creature dubbed “the Thing.”

Nonetheless, he soon found love, when he met blind sculptress Alicia Masters.

Now, more than 50 years later, the couple plan to tie the knot.

Mr. Grimm, who like his creator Mr. Kirby grew up on the Lower East Side, was revealed to be Jewish in 2002. Now he is getting a Jewish wedding, according to promotional materials released by Marvel Comics, which has scheduled the wedding for December.

In what may be a nod to recent high-profile superhero weddings that went off without their couples getting hitched — this summer Kitty Pryde didn’t go through with her scheduled wedding to longtime X-Men teammate Piotr Rasputin around the same time that Bruce Wayne canceled his scheduled wedding to Selina Kyle — Marvel Comics released a picture of the couple at the conclusion of the ceremony, when Mr. Grimm is about to smash a glass under the chuppah.

This time, mazal tovs are in order.

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