Israel’s population keeps popping

Israel’s population keeps popping

Some 170,000 babies were born in Israel over the last Jewish calendar year, the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics announced last week.

In total, the Jewish state added more 150,000 people to its population rolls since last Rosh Hashanah, with the population now standing at an estimated 9,246,000 people. That’s 1.6 percent more than a year ago.

That’s less growth than the previous year, 5759, which saw the population grow by 2.1 percent.

Immigration to the country totaled 25,000 people, most under the Law of Return, which grants citizenship eligibility to anyone with a Jewish grandparent.

That number represented a sharp drop from the previous Jewish year, when some 38,000 people moved to the country.

Despite the slowed growth, the bureau kept its population projections from last year, which predict that the Jewish state will reach a population of 10 million in 2024, 15 million in 2048, and 20 million in 2065.

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