Invite guests, let marinate

Invite guests, let marinate

Reclaim cocktail hour

Olives Provencale


olives of your choice

chopped rosemary

smashed garlic

orange and lemon zest

toasted fennel seeds

coriander seeds

fresh lemon juice

olive oil

Marinate for a minimum of 24 hours.

In a pretty glass jar and paired with a baguette, this Provencal treat will make the perfect hostess gift.Olives Provencale

Carrie’s Sangria


ginger simple syrup

pear liqueur

pear nectar

white wine

cinnamon sticks

fresh basil

sliced pears

sliced apples

fresh segmented oranges

kosher orange liqueur

Go heavy on whichever ingredients you like best. For maximum deliciousness, make the day before.