In Praise of Venus Williams

In Praise of Venus Williams


A recent BRIEF in the sports section of Newsday touts Venus William’s win over Israel ‘s Shahar Peer in the semifinals of the Dubai Championships.

The REAL news — which should have been given far greater play — came at the end.

Williams agreed to defend her title this year ONLY if the Israeli player was admitted to the Emirates!

As unbelievable as it should be in this day and age, the Israeli was DENIED a visa by United Arab Emirates authorities last year and could not participate.

It is also sad to hear that Ms. Peer had to be surrounded by guards and could play only on the most secure court — not Center Court – – all week.

Certainly, Ms. Williams deserves recognition for her compassionate and selfless act. She stood up for her principles and put her professional position on the line.

Very few individuals would have had the guts to do what she did. For this, she should be commended and held up as a role model for other athletes and professionals who may have the opportunity one day to make a decision of this nature.

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