Ihab’s magic kosher-for-Passover bus

Ihab’s magic kosher-for-Passover bus

When shoppers leaving Jerusalem’s Malha Mall boarded the 77 express bus to head home recently, they saw a sign declaring: “This bus is kosher for Passover.”

Inside, they found a vehicle festooned for the Passover festival.

The bus driver had decked out his bus with flowers and balloons.

And he covered the seats with aluminum foil.

“I don’t really understand this,” the bus driver, Ihab, told Ynet, “since I’m not a member of the Jewish community.”

But with the help of a Jewish co-worker, he purchased grape juice, hard-boiled eggs, and haggadot to set a seder table.

He even hid an afikomen — and awarded a restaurant gift certificate to the finder.

“The passengers were touched,” he said. “I too was touched.”


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