IDF enters Gaza amid protests in New York

IDF enters Gaza amid protests in New York

The IDF launched a ground invasion last night into Gaza, while Hamas promised that Gaza would become a graveyard for IDF soldiers if they entered. Well, the IDF has sustained one fatality in the ground op so far, unlike Hamas. And now the IDF has divided Gaza, according to the Associated Press.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg flew to Israel today to express his solidarity.

He told the AP:

“All Hamas has to do is stop sending rockets over to kill people and agree on the accords that were negotiated earlier and come to an agreement that is verifiable, durable and effective to stop people from being killed.”

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, there are many people who continue to pin the blame for this solely on Israel and ignore the rocket fire that Israel has lived with on an almost daily basis for several years.

Large protests took place across the world yesterday, including in New York. According to news reports, the anti-Israel protest outside the Israeli consulate took up more than five blocks. There was a small counter-protest but it was quickly drowned out. Obviously, because it was Shabbat, the major Jewish organizations did not plan anything for yesterday.

The Big Lipowsky has heard rumblings of something in the planning stages from the pro-Israel community but nothing definite as of yet. Check back here for more details on that as they emerge.

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