Getting a lot off his chest

Getting a lot off his chest

Re “A call for compromise” (Oct. 9): Jewish tradition is not about compromise. The words of the Torah, the history of the Jewish nation, and the history of the Jews in exile prove otherwise. Whenever they do compromise, they become losers. In the real world, compromise has led to defeat, both in ideas and reality. There were mezuzahs on the doors of Jews long before Rashi and Rabbenu Tam. God did not consider it important enough to even cite the way a mezuzah should hang.

As for the Olympics being held in Chicago, you should delve into life in Chicago before you opine. Chicago could not afford an Olympics monetarily or socially. Our country cannot afford an Olympic Games at present; prestige does not pay the costs.

As for Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, they happen to represent the tone of most of the country at present. Besides, when did you ever state anything positive about any public person that wasn’t a Democrat?

As for democracy, how about the freedom of speech? The president has done nothing but spend our money and our children’s money. As for the policies put forth, none have rectified a single problem. The rate of unemployment is. in reality, 17 percent. The rate of youth unemployment is 52 percent. Where are the jobs? Stimulus? What stimulus? Stimulus money has just been paid to the needy of Detroit to keep their heads above water. How is industry stimulated by handouts? Compassion is fine, but that does not make jobs. People at work pay taxes and as President Kennedy demonstrated, lowering the taxes on small business begets job growth. This president has done nothing for business growth. I could go on and on.

The constitutionality of some of the president’s actions are vague. The Democratic Congress won’t even censure those among them that have cheated their own government.

Persons like Limbaugh and Beck have vast followings because they represent the mounting frustrations of the public who are frustrated by the negativity regarding our country expressed by the president, the lack of decision regarding our troops in Afghanistan, the jobless rate, the appointment of czars over entities beyond constitutional control, and his split tongue. They echo those who feel the president is all talk and possesses little expertise in vital areas of our own and the world economy. Many of his own political party are disgusted, and local and state candidates are in fear that he will put their own election this fall in jeopardy.

It is rather interesting that he assumed the office of president in mid-January and between then and Feb. 1, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. What did the president even state or accomplish in those 10 to 15 days that would get him even a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize? It seems that those who resent the greatness of our country are at work again. They are beyond talk and compromise. The United States rescued them from the Nazis and helped rebuild their world and all has been forgotten – even by our president. He sees America as half-empty – I see it as half full. How do you really see it?

The editor responds: When offering praise or blame, we do not consider political affiliations but worthiness or its lack.