Forces search for killer of parents, 3 children in West Bank settlement

Forces search for killer of parents, 3 children in West Bank settlement

JERUSALEM ““ The leadership of the World Jewish Congress has expressed shock and outrage at the murder of five members of a Jewish family including two children and an infant by Palestinian terrorists in the Samarian settlement of Itamar, early on Saturday morning. WJC President Ronald Lauder called on the Security Council of the United Nations to condemn this terrorist trocity immediately and take action. “These souls have not committed any crime, and yet they were executed in their beds just because they were Jews. Let’s hope the UN assigns this cold-blooded act of terrorism at least equal importance it usually gives Palestinian campaigns against Israel’s rights,” Lauder added

Dan Diker, WJC Secretary-General designate, said: “This barbaric execution of children is the natural consequence of the ongoing orchestrated incitement of the Palestinian public to hatred of Jews and Israel in the Palestinian media, mosques and schools. It is unacceptable for Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas to limit his opposition to this terrorist act by telling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that it is ‘inconsistent with Palestinian political interests’. Now is the time for Chairman Abbas and his ministers to show leadership for peace, unequivocally condemn this vicious act, act decisively against the fanatics that indoctrinate these terrorists, and end the culture of violence that continues to be the breeding ground for Palestinian terror.”

The WJC also condemns the Palestinian Authority’s release, just hours after the Itamar terror attack, of a Hamas leader jailed in a PA prison in the West Bank.

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The World Jewish Congress (WJC) is the international organization representing Jewish communities in 92 countries around the world. The WJC serves as the diplomatic arm of the Jewish people to governments, parliaments and international organizations.

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